Giving financial control back to your employees

The Recharge programme allows your employees to drawdown from their earned wage, for a small fee, instead of having to wait for the normal payroll cycle.

This gives employees the financial freedom to meet their financial obligation, without getting into external debt.

Why Recharge Programme?

Happier Employees

Less financially stressed + Engaged employees = Happier Workforce.

Stronger Recruitment

Pay as you earn concept will enlarge pool of candidates & attract ‘GEN Z’ workers.

Cost Savings

Higher retention rate lowers hefty hiring & onboarding cost.

How it works

Allows your employees to requestfor early advancement of their salaries anytime via mobile app.

At your employee’s request, Rai Capital will disburse thesalary in advance to them and collects the repayment based on your preference.

(directly from them* or from your HR at the end of the month)

Let us perform the book keepingand monthly utilization reportfor you.

We work with you and yourHR on your comfortable advancement ratio vs salary limit for your employee’sdrawdown.

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